Our undertaking

The highly professional team of the Saint-Brieuc Armor airport undertakes to provide the best possible service for both passengers and crew. We are available to cater for any special requirements that your passengers may request.


We can provide proven commercial support to airline companies and charterers.

Call/Handling service

Telephone :
Fax :

The airport service is available on request. Please contact us by email or complete the handling request form.

Service SSLIA

Téléphone :
Level 2 ou 4 on request

Air Total Fuel

Manager : Cci des Côtes d’Armor
Jet A1/TRO – Storage capacity 50m, delivered by  20m capacity tanker

Open from  08H00 to 17H00; consult chart VAC and NOTAM
Avgas 100LL – storage capacity 40m

Payment by  : Total, Avcard, Uvair and CB credit cards during  SSLIA service opening hours
Supply of Avgas 24h/7 via automat using Total card

Assistance en escale 

SITA SBKKKXH – mail –handling form 

  • Technical and/or commercial assistance for all types of aircraft
  • Assistance for passengers and crew
  • Passenger and baggage check-in
  • Extension, re-opening, STAP
  • Catering service
  • Quotations on request

Airport handling equipment:

  • Two start-up generators

  • Baggage trailers

  • Baggage trollies

  • Baggage elevator conveyor belt

  • Two aircraft tugs

  • Telescopic ladder (contact us for further information)

  • Baggage carousel

  • Sitatex

  • De-icing type 1 on request

    We are unable to provide a toilet emptying service